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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Swing trading, sine or cosine?

If you are "normal human being", you would know waves, or at least heard of it before.

Wave is a pattern that changes regularly from positive to negative in a certain period and then it goes on and on and on, non-stop. Waves are a very natural part of the human world. Be it when you whack a stone into a still water or when you strike a drum, and the sound waves comes.

In stock market or money market, prices change in a somehow wave-like pattern. Of course the wave aint like sine or cosine waves, if not, i would become a millionaire already.
But no matter what, such random waves are still waves, and somehow this is the fundamental of swing trading.

It is a NEED to have certain tools to identify the waves form and hence trade with the trend. But there are trend that last very long like a bull run upwards or a bearish run downwards, OR even small trend of ups and downs in a ranging market. Swing trading, is ranging market best enemy.

Probably Brokers like FXCM or MBTrading will provide such tools. There are many other good brokers available on the adverts on the left. Feel free to explore and gain more knowledge.

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