This is small reason why people can make money from forex.

Think through this simple methology: A young trader can lose and closed his account within 2months. Losing almost 2000USD. If he had reversed all his trades, he would had raked in 2000USD!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FXCM forex managed account... why?

The sole reason why people are more and morea attracted to Managed Account is that they have a belief that the best people who do forex, and the people who Sell it to you. Which is the broker themselves.

And! FXCM managed account for example, wouldnt bust your account like you yourself would. Especially since they are the "experts" and has a reputation to keep.

It is a good way to get a feel of investment by throwing small amount of money into managed account though, as at least you would lose the money so fast. But be beware of the style of managed account and the reputation of any money manager you are going to ivnest with.

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