This is small reason why people can make money from forex.

Think through this simple methology: A young trader can lose and closed his account within 2months. Losing almost 2000USD. If he had reversed all his trades, he would had raked in 2000USD!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Profit Managed Account


wee... we went down by HUNDREDS and UP again.

gosh, this MA is really bad for the heart.

i begin to see no hope for this month.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FXCM managed account performance

It didnt MOVE for a week!

no... it did move, but zero displacement...

10more days to better results...

Saturday, April 19, 2008


This are a short but unexhaustive list of signs to a scam in forex world.

1. Guarantees. It is illegal to make promises like stating a policy of guarantee.
You can refer to NFA to check. Forex market has no guarantee, if not it will be called mutual funds instead.

2. Names. Your funds should be under your own name and all such funds accepted must be of compliance to FCM policy.

3. No real trade report verification.
“Its to protect the privacy of other clients.” bullshit talk..

“The previous broker closed and moved on.” Such big company cant afford to keep admin reports and detail report of earning that is the only proof to their success? think again.

“Its no neccessary as we already proven our tracks will millions of followers and satisfied clients.” Come'on! Lets all follow one another into the fire pit and get buried inside together!

Conclusion, if any of your potential broker say one of this 3 things, hang the phone up on them. period.


This site do and only do advise on how you should trade and why you should trade. Forex market consist of leveraged risk. You can make big profits as well as big loses. Do not trade money that you cannot afford to lose, or funds that will be need for short term uses.